Customer Feature: Parvathy Ramachandran

Parvathy Ramachandran is a home baker who specialises in eggless bakes made from organic whole grains. Cooking and baking are almost meditative to her and Organic is a way of life. Clean food for the mind, body and soul is her guiding mantra. Parvathy regularly shops at The Organic World’s Indiranagar store and shares her experience.

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The Organic World: What is your guiding philosophy when it comes to shopping for your home whether it’s for groceries, staples, homecare?

Parvathy Ramachandran: To me, wellness is a holistic approach. While shopping, my choice is always organic groceries and vegetables. Not only is this good for us, it’s also so much better for the environment. A few years back, I switched to buying organic, wherever possible. The urge to go plastic free wherever possible, to recycle and reuse are a few habits that I’ve started following. For me, that change has come about very ‘organically’, since the switch.

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TOW: When you draw up your monthly shopping list, what are a few things you keep in mind?

PR: The first thing would be to buy only what I need, and as much as needed. I choose Zero Waste, packaging free alternatives wherever possible. I try to buy groceries at one shot, to last me a month. Before buying a totally new product, I prefer to make an informed choice by reading up more about it.

TOW: How has shopping at The Organic World helped you stay true to your philosophy?

PR: I love the concept of Zero Waste staples available at The Organic World. When I shop from that section, I feel a certain sense of satisfaction at having done my bit in avoiding plastic packaging. The amazing selection of products available in each category helps in making purchases as per individual budgets. The vegetables are always fresh and the pricing is also reasonable.

TOW: What are some of your favourite items that you feel are a must-buy?

PR: The organic A2 ghee, from TOW’s in-house brand is exceptional. It’s the first thing always, on my shopping list. The Zero Waste Jaggery Powder, Toor Dal, Red Rice, Cashew, Almonds and Corn Flakes are also part of my must buy list.

TOW: How has shopping at TOW helped enhance or change the way you focus on homecare or wellness or cooking?

PR: Since there is a wide selection of certified organic products available at TOW, there is no need to visit another store for groceries, vegetables and other essentials.

TOW: Has shopping at TOW helped you become a more mindful shopper? 

PR:The Zero Waste initiative by TOW has definitely contributed to a more mindful shopping experience.


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022

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