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Customer Profile – Kyra

Meet one of your youngest customers, Kyra!

Kyra is a vivacious little girl who recently celebrated her fifth birthday. She loves puppies, is in awe of pirates and aspires to be an astronaut so that she can live on Mars someday! She has been shopping at The Organic World HSR store and shares her experiences!

The Organic World: Do you remember the first time you visited The Organic World? Who did you go with? What did you do?
Kyra: It was a long time ago. I went with my mom to buy groceries at the newly opened store. I discovered some toys to play with and was quite happy. Shalini Akka offered me a few bite sized treats to see if I liked the taste. They were yum!

TOW: How often do you visit and shop The Organic World?
Kyra: I visit as often as I can! Before the pandemic I used to visit every day on my way home from kindergarten.

 TOW: What do you like about shopping at TOW? What is your favourite section? What are your favourite things to buy?
Kyra: There are a lot of yummy things to buy at The Organic World. I love the refrigerated section, especially the cheeses and yogurts. Nourish Organics Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Pascati Chocolates and Mishti Doi are some of my favourite things to buy!

TOW: Are there any fun things that you get to do when you are shopping over there?
Kyra: Everyone is very nice to me at the store. I even got to inaugurate the cafe last year. I love to run around and look for new stuff. I used to love the Children’s’ Corner and all the fun toys out there when I was ‘littler’. I was also very happy with the painting workshop I had been invited for on the occasion of Children’s Day.

TOW: Is there something that you especially want to see on the shelves the next time you go there?
Kyra: I’d love to get freshly baked pastries and cake and cookies too. Could you also stock Dabble Finger Paints too? And I’d very much like the cafe to carry my favourite pasta and soups once again please.


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022

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