Healthy festival celebrations

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With the festival season beckoning, it’s time to start planning for the celebrations. And can any such occasion be complete without food? Worried about over indulging with all the sweets and fried food that are inevitable at this time? Here are our top tips on healthy festive celebrations. 


Opt for homemade or organic snacks and sweets: Have you noticed the ingredients used in  the popular snacks brand you picked up? Or what the nutritional table looks like? Chances are you will see refined flour, high amounts of salt and sugar as well as trans fat. Instead, make your own snacks where you can use the best quality ingredients and fresh oils. Or you can choose organic snacks from brands like Wellbe, made with healthy ingredients like red rice flour and cold pressed oil, with zero maida!


Use healthy ingredients: One of the biggest indulgences during this time are sweets. Too much refined sugar has a negative impact on the immune system. Regulate your intake of sweets – never go for the extra one! When you make sweets at home use healthier sugar substitutes like honey, jaggery or dates. Opt for alternative flours like amaranth, almond, buckwheat, chickpea etc over refined flour. 

Always think of the better choice: Snacking while chatting with friends? Carrot, cucumber and celery sticks with a dip over a bowl of deep fried crisps. Roasted papad over deep fried ones. Dry fruits are another healthier snacking option. 

Stay hydrated: Make sure your hydration game is on point. Avoid carbonated drinks. Opt for fresh juices instead.


Eat balanced meals: Try and ensure you get your proper intake of protein, carbs and fibre through the day. Overate at lunch? Opt for a simple dinner instead! Remember, balance is the key.


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022

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