‘One-stop-shop for conscious consumption’ – Nasr Khan

‘One-stop-shop for conscious consumption’ – Nasr Khan
Author: The Organic World
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Bengaluru resident Nasr Khan is a regular customer at The Organic World, Cunningham Road. He runs a company called Threadworks that deals with uniforms and sportswear for schools and colleges as well as uniforms for corporates, factories & healthcare organisations. He is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and shares how shopping with TOW has helped him stay true to his philosophy.


The Organic World: What is your guiding philosophy when it comes to shopping for your home, whether it’s for groceries, staples, homecare…
Nasr Khan: It starts with a basic concept of living on a better planet and living a healthier lifestyle. And making sure that my family and I have a healthy body and mind. From edibles to toiletries, I try my best to buy sustainable, biodegradable products. And while slowly moving in this direction of consumption, I try and avoid our mainstream super/hyper markets. The Organic World is like a one-stop-shop that helps in hassle-free conscious consumption. 



TOW: When you draw up your monthly shopping list, what are a few things you keep in mind?
NK: My monthly shopping list from TOW includes items like soaps, detergents, brown rice, grains, toothpaste, agarbathis (probably once in 3 months), snacks and cleaning brushes.



TOW: What are some of your favourite items at TOW that you feel are a must-buy?
NK: I do sometimes read about the story behind the brands. Especially so when it comes to sustainable brands, which is pretty much everything at The Organic World! The stories are touching and even more compelling to buy the product. But in general, Wild Ideas, Timbuktu, Wellbe (your inhouse brand), Phalada Pure & Sure, Bentodent and Born Good – love this; local and how!


Nasr Khan


TOW: How has shopping at The Organic World helped you stay true to your philosophy?
NK: What I especially enjoy is that there’s a consistency in all brands that you all keep. And this cuts across so many aspects: in terms of quality, assurance and even price at times. My wife and I tend to go to the Cunningham Road outlet of The Organic World. Very friendly staff and it has a nice range of products. We also visited The Organic World in Indiranagar recently and loved the food at the Copper + Cloves Café there!


TOW: How has shopping at TOW helped enhance or change the  way you focus on homecare or wellness or cooking?
NK: Yes, definitely a lot! A departmental store of sustainable products really helps the consumer in buying more.

The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022

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