Our brand philosophy is similar to The Organic World’s – Ruby Organics

‘Our brand philosophy is similar to The Organic World’s’
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Ruby’s Organics range of products have been specifically designed to suit Indian tones and textures. Using only organic and natural ingredients, their products are completely  free of chemical preservatives. 



Can you tell us a bit about your brand journey – what was your goal behind starting the brand?

The idea behind Ruby’s was simply born out of a need for creating ‘healthier makeup’ in India. In my early 20s, just as most girls, I was a huge cosmetics’ enthusiast. Little did I know I would wind up on the receiving end of some harsh skin outbreaks. I was determined to find healthier alternatives to common synthetic ingredients found in regular makeup brands. 

What started as a kitchen experiment, eventually became a full-blown makeup range. After a lot of time spent in research and development, we managed to develop makeup staples without the use of alcohol, chemical preservatives, silicones, petrochemicals, and heavy metals. The vision was simply to create a line of “healthy makeup”. We found simple and clean alternatives to synthetic ingredients that are much safer substitutes, and we want to continue to innovate and develop cosmetics like these to cater to the conscious consumer.


What is your brand philosophy? What separates you from the clutter?

Ruby’s was born out of a need to fill in the gap for healthy makeup products in India. 

We want to revolutionize the way women use makeup by introducing an entire range of clean and green makeup products, specifically for Indian skin tones and textures. Our makeup looks and feels as good as your regular makeup and lasts as long.

But our range is about ‘value added skincare’. All our ingredients comprise natural oils like jojoba and almond, natural waxes and butters, and kaolin clay. Our products are mostly oil based; if they were water based, it would call for more preservation. We have a base range of about 16 pigments, and we play around with proportions to get various shades

Can you tell us a bit about the product assortment you offer?

We have developed an entire range of makeup products ranging from lipsticks, crème blushes, highlighters, bronzer, liquid eyeshadows, concealer/foundations , kohl pencil , mascara and are soon going to launch lip cremes and new colors in our liquid eyeshadows .


What are your future plans with the brand?

We are soon launching more colors in our liquid eyeshadow range and will also have some new product launches in our lip and face category. We know our makeup well and we would like to expand within its periphery for now. Skin and hair care will soon follow.

What does partnering with a retailer like The Organic World with an industry-first ‘Not In Our Aisle’ list of banned chemicals and ingredients mean to you?

It gives us immense happiness to collaborate with retailers like The Organic World who share similar brand philosophy and help us to spread a word about our products and what we stand for. We hope that together we help consumers to make a sustainable choice.



The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022


The Organic World

Published on March 7, 2022

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